Hi Insiders,

Around the holiday times, cranberries are especially popular!  Between cranberry desserts, juice, and flavorings, your body will start to crave cranberries.  Surprisingly, your beauty routine craves this superfruit as well.  Known for its powerful cleansing powers and beautiful red hues, cranberry cleanser and cranberry inspired makeup should start filling up your bathroom!

Cranberries have exfoliating properties which make them great for scrubs and face washes.  The fruit is usually bitter and acidic, making it great for cleaning out pores and restoring your skin to its natural state.  One of my favorites is the Burt’s Bees cranberry and pomegranate sugar scrub.  This can be used on your whole body for deep cleaning.  It’ll also leave your skin feeling smooth. Chelsea Crockett- Burt's Bees cranberry pomegranate sugar scrub

Not only do cranberries have amazing cleansing powers, but the shade and smell have influenced makeup aisles everywhere!  Cranberry, a sweet shade of red, is perfect for the holiday season and can be carried over to Valentine’s Day.  It looks amazing on nails and lips!  Even try a cranberry scented body splash for a sweet smelling day!  Don’t hesitate, start buying cranberry products today!