Hair conditioner is an everyday part of life.  You get in the shower, shampoo your hair, and then apply conditioner, right?  Conditioner is so important for silky smooth hair, but did you know it has a multitude of other benefits?  Surprisingly, there are multiple ways to use your conditioner not only for your hair, but for different beauty purposes as well!  Check out the new and unique ways to use your hair conditioner.

  • If you have a dry scalp, try a head massage with conditioner.  Get your hair wet with hot water (this can be done inside or outside of the shower), apply a generous amount of conditioner to your roots, and start massaging away!  Applying pressure will cause the natural oils in your hair to circulate and the conditioner to get deep down into your skin.  Goodbye dry scalp!
  • Fluff up your makeup brushes!  After washing your makeup brushes, rub in conditioner to the bristles and rinse out thoroughly.  This will make each brush much softer.
  • Defeat frizzy hair!  If your hair is frizzy on a particular day or it happens to be humid out, rub a small amount of conditioner into your hands as if it was lotion and pat down the frizzy parts of your hair.  The conditioner will help to tame pesky hair.
  • Use it as eye makeup remover!Chelsea Crockett- removing eye makeup
  • Add it to your next bubble bath!  Conditioner can act as a sort of moisturizing oil for the skin.  When you add the bubble bath to your next bath, add a small amount of conditioner as well.  This will make your skin extra soft.
  • Have you ever gotten a ring stuck on your finger?  With a dab of conditioner the ring will slide right off!
  • Conditioner can act as grease to unzip a jammed zipper.  Add a little to the zipper using a cotton swab and the zipper will come undone just like that!

Crazy how much conditioner can help you out in situations other than tangled hair!  Next time you need a quick beauty fix, see if conditioner can help you do the trick.  You may be surprised!