Are you tired of crying tears of frustration when your perfectly curled locks lose their bounce after 30 minutes? One of the most frustrating things for a girl is when you spend hours curling and styling your hair, just to watch it fall out faster than you can say “Beautyliciousinsider”. Here are a few tips on how to make your curls last!

  1. Use volumizing shampoo: A great tip for girls who have thin or flat hair is to use volumizing shampoo and tumblr_m8qgvzgWPc1r44f5bconditioner to prep your hair for styling.
  2. Trim: When you have a lot of dead ends, it really prevents your hair from holding a curl. Healthy hair holds a curl so much better!
  3. Curl on unwashed hair: It may sound weird, but that is what the experts recommend! If you are curling on clean hair, you’ll need to add in much more curling cream or mousse than required, which weighs the hair down.

Hopefully these tips will have you rockin bouncy, lasting curls for hours on end!
XOXO, Chels