The amount of different brands and products I’ve tried to clear up my acne is endless. It seems like all of my money is being used for the same results! I recently uploaded a video that talked about a brand that FINALLY cleared my acne! I thought I’d tell you all a little more in depth how these products can work for you, too :).

First comes first, checking out their website. After learning a little about the company, you’ll probably (at least I did!) want to start ordering your products! You have to begin by taking a medical questionnaire. Curology wants to know as much about your skin and what your skin goals are as possible! It’ll ask you detailed questions about your skin and medical history.Chelsea Crockett - Curology Perscription

Step 2 gets even more personal! They’ll want you to upload photos of your skin and your acne/breakouts. Your healthcare provider will review and examine them to pick the right products for your skin type specifically. The third part of the process is receiving your prescription such as the one above. They ship your products right to your front door! They say to apply them once every night before going to sleep.

You can track your improvement by uploading videos and discussing your progress with your healthcare provider. You can even update your products to keep up with your improvement. Let me know if you decide to try it out for yourself! It’s definitely worth it!

Love, Chelsea