Hair is one of the biggest statements of a girl. An edgy cut sometimes gives off an outgoing feel to that person. Other times, long curls and a bow could come off as sweet, shy, or flirty. The color of a girl’s hair also plays a big role in what kind of a personality they may have. Here are a few hair trends for you to experiment with this summer… if you’re daring enough :)! For the brunettes that want to change it up a bit, I have the perfect way to do just that. Adding a reddish tint throughout your hair that isn’t too much but just noticeable is super cute and edgy. Ariana Grande is only one example of someone that can pull this color off perfectly!

For those who do not want to fully dye their hair or color it, hair chalk is a great substitute to try out a look. You can buy hair chalk at almost any beauty store such as Sephora, Sally’s Beauty Supply, or Ulta. The name itself is pretty self-explainable. You buy whatever color chalk you want and rub it on the parts you want your hair to be “dyed.” It’s only temporary and washes out when you shower. It’s a perfect way to put a certain look through a test-run if you are curious as to how it would look on you!  Check it out here:!Chelsea Crockett - Hair Chalk Another trend that is very unique but still stylish is pastel hair. This works better for really light blondes. Adding a streak of light pink or purple in the under layer of your hair is super cute! Or you could even try dying the ends of your hair a baby blue!

Comment below what other trends you want to try on your hair this summer!

XO – Chels