Hello Lovelies,

            I love love love sweets!  Nothings better than a giant candy bar, or a chocolate cake, or cupcakes, or ice cream, or…..well, you get the point.  Lucky for you, there’s a sweet out there that is actually good for you!  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Dark chocolate, eaten in moderation, has a Chelsea Crockett- dark chocolatelot of amazing benefits for your health.  Who would’ve guessed that chocolate, something so delicious, could actually be a wonder food?

            Dark chocolate, unlike many other sweets, has a lot of crucial benefits for your health.  Eating small amounts 2-3 times a week can lower your blood pressure and increase blood flow to the brain.  It contains the same chemical that is released in your body when you feel like you’re in love, so this stimulates blood flow throughout the body and makes you feel happier.  It is also full in antioxidants, which helps block harmful bacteria from the body and can protect you from many types of cancer.  Surprisingly, dark chocolate contains a stimulant called Theobromine, which hardens tooth enamel.  This can actually lower your risk of cavities (chocolate that doesn’t cause cavities, whaaaat?!)

            Start making small amounts of dark chocolate a regular food in your weekly diet.  It won’t be sudden, but soon your body will start to thank you.  Just remember, don’t eat the entire bar!