Hello Girls,

            Buying beauty products can be tough.  Many of us girls have sensitive, dry, or oily skin, which can make buying the perfect makeup and/or face wash difficult!  Many products today have labels on them claiming they are organic, FDA approved, and many others.  Unfortunately, some of these labels may be false.  Before you buy your next beauty product, make sure you know how to decode the labels properly!

Unscented: People with sensitive skin cannot handle strong or harsh scents on their skin.  It can also cause dryness.  Unfortunately, many products that claim to be unscented are not actually unscented.  This just means they didn’t add any extra oils or perfumes to the product.  Depending on what the product is made of, it can be filled with many different scents.  Try going for products that say “fragrance-free” instead. 

Dermatologist-recommended:  This term means that there is scientific evidence that suggests it would be recommended by a dermatologist.  If a product says “dermatologist tested”, then it has been tested and approved by an actual dermatologist.

Mineral Oil:  Beware of using this on your face!  Although it makes your skin smooth, it can clog pores very quickly. 

FDA Approved:  The FDA does not actually approve every beauty product.  It is up to the company to make sure each product is safe.  The FDA approves SPF; therefore any product with SPF in it may haveChelsea Crockett- FDA the “FDA approved” label even though it wasn’t actually approved. 

Be aware next time you go to the store!