Tears are a part of life!  Whether you’re crying because of good or bad news, because you’re sad or happy, or because you just saw The Fault in Our Stars, tears can be tough to avoid!  If you’re an overly emotional person, then you know exactly what I am talking about!  What about that time you cried at a wedding, but had to look presentable for pictures afterwards?  Well, no worries!  In a few simple steps, you can disguise your crying, puffy eyes!Chelsea Crockett- garnier anti puff eye roller

Before applying makeup, use a cool gel de-puffing eye roller under the eyes.  This will immediately wake them up and prepare them for makeup.  If your eyes are red, then use a green toned primer to counteract the redness.  You can also use a brightening primer to make your eyes look more refreshed.  Next, using liquid concealer, apply a light layer to your under eyes for a smooth finish.  No one will even know you’ve been crying!  Reapply your mascara and you’re good to go!

Next time you find yourself crying, don’t panic.  With makeup, there is always a solution!



Garnier Anti Puff Eye Roller- http://tiny.cc/AntiPuffEyeRoller

Clinque All About Eyes De-Puffing Serum- http://tiny.cc/ClinqueAllAboutEyes