Today I am going to walk you through one of my favorite fashion trend DIYs. The fashion trend is boot socks! These are the socks that stick out of the top of your boots. They are super stylish and help keep your legs warm! Today I am going to show you how to make some of your very own! Here is an example of what they look like when they are finished:

chelsea crockett boot socks

The first step to making these boot socks is to go through your dad’s sock drawer and find a pair he does not want anymore. Pick a neutral color that you know you can wear with a lot of things.

Here is the pair I chose:

chelsea crockett boot socks


Next: You have to cut the toes off! You can choose to cut anywhere on the sock you want. If you prefer your socks to be bunchy, then don’t cut off very much. If you want your socks to be

barely visible or not be shown as much, then just cut right above the heel of the sock.

chelsea crockett boot socks



After that: You are done! That was totally easy, right? I love this trend because it adds detail to your outfit and spices up your boots a bit too! They even keep your legs nice and toasty. Bonus! Here are some pictures of what your socks should look like and an example on how to wear them! Enjoy!

XOXO, Chels