Hi Girls,

            Breaking your favorite eye shadow palette or powder foundation is the worst!  Makeup can be expensive and replacing it is no fun.  So what can you do to restore your compact makeup?  Lucky for you, there is a solution and it’s simple!  Check it out!

            Start by leaving your broken powder in its original compact or container.  Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the powder and mix it around with your finger.  This should turn the powder into a paste.  Using a butter knife or your finger, flatten out the now pasty powder makeup into its original form.  Let the makeup sit out over night with the lid off, so the alcohol can evaporate.  Once the alcohol has evaporated, your powdered makeup should be back to normal!  It’s so simple!Chelsea Crockett- fix broken makeup

            This little trick can save you tons of money throughout the year, since breaking powder makeup can be so easy to do.  Pass this simple trick onto your friends and help them save their makeup.  Trust me, they’ll thank you for it!