Hi Girls,

            Who would’ve guessed that your dad’s tool box may be very useful in making a pretty bracelet?!  Not me!  Metal bracelets are super cute right now and go with everything!  I’ll show you a simple way to make a bracelet using some string, small hex nuts, and your hands!  Chelsea Crockett- hex nut bracelet 2Chelsea Crockett- hex nut bracelet 3            Start by cutting three long strips of string, whatever you color you like, and tie the three strands in a knot.  Leave about 2 inches of string at the top before tying the knot.  Begin braiding the three strands for about an inch.  Now, it’s time to add the hex nuts.  Slide one of the nuts up the left or right side of string and hold it in place.  Next, add another nut to the opposite strand, hold tightly, and cross both strands over again as if you were to begin braiding.  Repeat this step until you’re satisfied with the bracelet.  I usually add about 18 hex nuts.  Once you’re finished, tie off the end of the bracelet, tie around your wrist, and there you go!  It’s all finished!  Have fun with this project by picking out fun colors of string and gold or silver nuts.  Be creative!

Have funSmile