Dying your hair can be scary! Although you’ve talked to your stylist and picked out the color you think best suits you, there’s always a chance that the color could turn out darker or lighter than expected.  So what do you do if your chocolate brown hair turns out black?!  Don’t worry!  There are multiple ways that you can naturally lighten your hair at home! Chelsea Crockett- clarifying shampoo

Starting with a clarifying shampoo is the best way to strip your hair of color. Now you may be wondering what clarifying shampoo is.  It’s a strong shampoo that rids your hair of impurities including product build up, oil, dirt, and coloring chemicals.  Clarifying shampoo is used the same as any normal shampoo.  For the best results, use it within the first few weeks of coloring your hair.  With each wash, your color will fade more and more.  Once your hair is back to the color you prefer, then only use the clarifying shampoo once or twice a month.

Another at-home remedy for lightening colored hair is to use vitamin C tablets! Crush a handful of vitamin C tablets and mix them with your favorite shampoo.  Comb the mixture through dry hair until your entire head is covered.  Leave it on for about one hour, but keep checking to make sure you don’t need to add more or less of the mixture to certain parts of your hair.  You want to make sure it lightens evenly.  Once the hour is up, wash your hair as you normally would.  You should see a difference immediately!

Don’t freak out if you hate your hair color! There’s always a way to fix a mistake!