Who doesn’t love soft lips?  I know I do!  Soft, smooth lips make wearing lipstick look better and give your face an all-around better look.  I mean, cracked lips aren’t exactly attractive?!  Many lip balms and other lip products moisturize your lips for a short period of time, but do not remove the dead skin.  This dead skin is what gives your look that cracked appearance…gross.  I will show you how to make a once a week DIY lips scrub with 3 simple ingredients.  It’s SO simple!

Chelsea Crockett- DIY Lip Scrub LipsAll you need for the lip scrub is sugar, 1 tsp. of honey, and ½ tsp. of olive oil.  Mix the olive oil and honey together in a small bowl and then add as much sugar as you please.  Go for a good consistency.  You don’t want to cover up the honey and olive oil with too much sugar.  I like to use about 2 tbsp.  Once all the ingredients are mixed up, apply a small amount to your lips, and rub them together for about a minute.  Remove the mixture with a wet paper towel and there you have it! Soft, luscious lips!