Have you ever pinned your hair up  in the cutest hair style ever, just to have the bobby pins fall out 10 minutes later? I can tell you that bobby pins that slip and slide out of your hair are just plain annoying! Today I am going to give you a way to make sure that your bobby pins stay where they are supposed to. Introducing, sticky bobby pins!


1. Gather your supplies. You will need hair spray, a paper towel, and bobby pins!

2. Place your bobby pins on the paper towel, and spread them out. Next, spray the pins evenly with hairspray.

3. Grab the corners of your paper towel and shake it to distribute the hairspray. Let the pins dry before you use them.

4. Pin away! These handy dandy sticky bobby pins will stay put even in straight, slick hair!


You can use these pins to pin up  your favorite  updoo or to just keep your hair pinned out of your face! Enjoy!

XOXO, Chels