I have been reading the comments on some of my articles lately and have gotten a ton of requests for a tutorial on how to make a diy t-shirt scarf! Well, my beautiful Insiders, it is your lucky day! Introducing, how to make a perfect t-shirt scarf!

 All you will need is a t-shirt of your choice and a pair of sharp scissors! The only thing I suggest when it comes to t-shirt choice is that you choose a shirt that doesn’t have a lot of designs on it. The more designs or logos on it, the less uniform and put-together your scarf will look.

 1.   Lay out your shirt on a flat surface.

 Chelsea Crockett t-shirt scarf


2. Cut off the bottom hem of your shirt, and then start cutting horizontal strips about ½ inch wide. Cut these strips all the way up the shirt until you reach the armpits.

Chelsea Crockett tshirt scarf

3. Once you have cut the strips, take about three of them at a time and stretch them out. Once you have stretched out all of your strips, you are done with your scarf! How easy was that?! Just drape the loops around your neck and pair them with any solid shirt, like the picture below!


Chelsea Crockett tshirt scarf


When people ask you “Where did you get that adorable scarf?!” you can tell them that you made it! They will be so impressed with you!

XOXO, Chels