I see so many beauty trends and products that make me stop and think “does that really work?”  Sometimes I branch out and give them a try and am very surprised with the results!  I picked a few different products to tell you about that surprisingly work and should be on your wish list!

  • Light Therapy Acne Mask.  Neutrogena recently released a light therapy acne mask that supposedly gets rid of acne and reduces inflammation.  I have one myself and was skeptical at first, but it really makes a difference!  It’s not only relaxing but super beneficial for your skin.
  • Peel Off Lip Stain.  Peel off lip stain really depends on which brand you try for it to be a success or not!  Some brands are messy and don’t really make a difference whereas others are long-lasting and easy to use.  Read the reviews before you buy!Chelsea Crockett - Lip Stain
  • Lip Tattoos.  As long as you use these right, they usually work!  You have to place them on your lips carefully and wait for the right amount of time.  Why not try them out for fun? 🙂
  • Eyeliner Stencils.  Makeup stencils are sometimes hit or miss when it comes to the quality of them.  I’ve used an eyeliner stencil before and they won’t give you the perfect wing most of the time, unless you master them!
  • Hair Straightening Brush.  Surprisingly, these work pretty well!  The only exception is if you have really curly hair.  Either way, these brushes are great for a quick straighten!

Which product do you want to try out?  Let me know below!

XO – Chelsea