School, drama, and life in general can be stressful at times.  Unfortunately, this stress isn’t just giving you a headache; it may be giving you bad skin!  Different types of stress affect your skin differently.  By examining your skin, you may be able to determine what type of stress you’re suffering from and how you can help it!

            Worrying and anxiety are the two biggest types of stress.  Worrying causes inflammation, dark under eye circles, dryness, and increased sensitivity.  The more sensitive your skin is, the more prone you are to breakouts and the dreaded zits.  Anxiety can cause a decrease in health.  When someone is anxious, they tend to put less of an emphasis on caring for their skin and body.  Exercising becomes less and less, grabbing fast food is the easier option, and going to sleep without taking your makeup off becomes more and more frequent.  All of these factors can cause weight gain, poor skin, and a lack of nutrition.  The easiest and most effective ways to stop stress is to relax!!  Set time aside for yourself, hangout with your friends, watch a funny movie, or go for a run.  Also, make sure to get plenty of sleep!  By doing Chelsea Crockett- friendsone of these activities once a day, your stress levels will reduce dramatically.

Stress can take such a toll of your body.  Other than the occasional tears, many do not realize the underlying effects stress takes on your body.  Take care of yourself and don’t let stress control your life!