Street style has become a huge trend in LA and NYC.  High waisted shorts, crop tops, lace up boots, and beanies have been seen on many celebrity teens and all throughout big cities in the US.  This style is cute and super trendy, but not necessarily girly or classy.  So what if you want to “girl” Chelsea Crockett- Dress Like A Ladyup your look?  Lace, pearls, and ballerina flats are exactly what you need!  Lace tops, dresses, and shorts are the “girliest” items of clothing you could own.  They can be dressed up or down with accessories and are perfect for any occasion.  Adding a pearl necklace to any outfit, even a pair of jeans and a tee, can take your look from average to girly in a matter of seconds.   The more strands of pearls you add to your look, the nicer your outfit becomes.  Of course, a pair of pearl earrings is a staple as well. 

                 A simple shoe that goes with almost any outfit is a pair of ballerina flats.  They look great with any look from jeans and a top to a dress.  They are comfortable, yet elegant.  You can go from grungy street style during the day to a classic look at night using these simple style tips.  Change up your style and be different.  Remember, stay classy ;).



Here are some links to help you rock this look:

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