Hi Insiders,

            Summer shoes are probably the cutest around.  Sandals, wedges, and flip flops come in every color and print imaginable.  Unfortunately, these super cute shoes can also be super uncomfortable.  When walking on your feet for hours at a time, maybe on vacation or shopping, these shoe choices probably aren’t the best.  Surprisingly, footwear can be both comfortable and trendy.  I’m going to introduce you to cute, yet comfortable, summer shoe wear.Chelsea Crockett- comforable summer shoes

            Many flip flops and sandals only have a small layer of foam or leather on the bottom.  This gives your foot no arch support and hardly enough cushion to keep you on your feet all day long.  The perfect substitution to this problem is Sperry’s.  This adorable boat shoe comes in many different colors and styles and can be worn year round.  Some have mesh in and around the sides to keep your feet cool during the summer.  They also have a cushioned arch support to keep you moving all day long.  Sperry also carries a variety of flip flops that, although pricey, are completely worth it.  Another great brand of comfortable summer shoes is TOMS.  This shoe company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase.  Not only will your feet be feeling good, with its built in arch support and cool design, but you will also feel good about yourself!  Check out the links below to purchase a pair of these awesome summer shoes.  Enjoy!



P.s. If you want to check out the shoes mentioned above click here: Sperry’s, TOMS