Hey Insiders,

Do you have irritating acne or acne scarring? Do you suffer from enlarged pores? Today I am going to give you an at-home remedy for these problems. It’s called an egg mask facial!

What you will need: One organic egg. That’s it!

First: Wash your face thoroughly, make sure you have no makeup left on your face.

Next: grab an organic egg. Why an organic egg? The chickens that provide these eggs are fed grains that are not grown with pesticides. They are also free range, which means they are not cooped up in cages. These kind of eggs are just all around better quality.

After that: Crack open your egg and separate the egg yolk from the egg white. Put them in separate bowls. Stir your egg white until it begins to get bubbly.

Next: take the frothy egg white and use your fingers to cover your face in it! Make sure you cover every inch of your face. Let it sit until your face feels tight, like you just got Botox!

After that: rinse off your face with warm water. Viola, you are finished! If you want to, you can use the egg yolk as a moisturizer. Just break it open and rub the yellow liquid all over your face. Then, when you feel it tighten up, then you can rinse it off.

If you want to: you can rub a piece of ice over your face afterwards to help close your pores. Nifty, right?

There are so many ways to approach skin care with natural remedies. There are numerous benefits from using natural ways, just a few of them being that there is no exposure to harsh chemicals and it is so inexpensive! Most of the natural alternatives use ingredients you can find in your very own kitchen. Easy peasy! Wink

Sweet Kiss Chels