I think we’re all in agreement that a bad hair day counts as an emergency… A girl’s worst nightmare!  Especially when the event you have is formal or dressy, with no time to fix up your hair.  I decided to put together three easy, on-the-go hair styles that can substitute for any fancy up-do!

            Style number one… a high bun, or sock bun!  Chelsea Crockett - High BunAlthough the traditional sock bun is still cute and fashionable, I like to put a little spin on it and create a high bun.  It’s almost the same thing as a sock bun, but with a slight different look to it.  I have a tutorial on my channel titled “Easy High Bun.”  Check that out and you’re set!  It’s super simple and non-time consuming.

            Style number two… a slicked back ponytail, AKA the Kardashian ponytail :)!  This one works best with longer hair.  To start out, you’ll need a ponytail, bobby pins, and some hairspray.  Leave out a small section of hair at the back of your head.  Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, making sure the elastic is tight around your hair.  After, wrap the sectioned piece of hair around the tie and secure it with a couple bobby pins.  If you have fly-a-ways, spray them down with hairspray so your ponytail looks clean and slick.

            Last, but not least, style number 3… braided half-up.  Part your hair where you normally do and take one, two-inch front sections from each side of your part.  Braid both pieces and secure them together in the back with bobby pins or a small hair tie. 

                        Hope this helps next time you’re a little off schedule!