Your skin doesn’t know how expensive something is. What matters is what’s inside the product and how your skin reacts.  So are fancy acne cleansing products really worth it, or are drug store brands good enough?  Keep on reading for the final verdict!Chelsea Crockett- gel based moisturizer

When it comes to a cleaner, the most important ingredient is salicylic acid. This exfoliates and unclogs pores to keep acne causing bacteria from getting under your skin.  As long as the cleaner contains this ingredient, then skip out on the expensive cleaner!  Masks are a different story.  Applying a really good clay face mask once a week for a deep cleanse is vital for clearer skin.  If you’ve got a little extra money to spend, then try a fancy clay mask!

Keep the money in your wallet for moisturizer! Try finding a brand with a gel based moisturizer.  As long as you’ve found one with a gel base, it will work just as well as any high-priced application.  Spot treatments are one to splurge one!  When you need a blemish to go away fast, you want a trusted brand!  Good spot treatments get rid of inflammation and bacteria causing the zit in the first place!  When you spend the money, the blemish will be gone in a flash!