Hi Girls,

            Fall and winter are great times of the year!  Unfortunately, it’s that time when your summer tan fades.  So what should you do to keep that summer glow all winter long?  Check out a few of these beauty tips to get a nice tan without hitting the tanning bed! 

            In the winter, most of your body is covered up with clothing.  If you’re just looking for a glowing face and not planning on sporting a bathing suit any time soon, then go for a powered bronzer!  Apply your foundation as you normally would and begin highlighting your cheek bones with a bronzer suitable for your skin tone.  Since your skin is lighter in the winter, don’t use your summer bronzer, it’ll be too over powering.  Try a lighter bronzer and after highlighter your cheek bones, apply a small amount to the rest of your face.  To top off your look, use a light pink blush to get that summer shine.Chelsea Crockett- bronzer blush duo

            If you want that all around summer glow, go for a tanning lotion!  Try Jergans Natural Glow for a streak free summer tan!  After showering, rub it in like normal lotion and let it dry for about 10 minutes.  You won’t see results right away, so do this every day for about a week!  Don’t go to a tanning bed to get that beautiful summer glow.  Take the healthy route and get the tan you’ve always wanted!     

Love you all!


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