LET THE COLD WEATHER BEGIN! Fall is known for its amazing fashion and makeup trends, and I look forward to rocking these trends all year! Here are some of the hottest makeup trends for fall!

 The Classic Cat Eye

I kid you not, cat eyes will always be in. This fall you will be seeing much more of the cat eye! There are many ways to change up the cat-eye look, like adding some color and some thickness or even some extra wings. This trend makes your eyes look big and sassy!

 Orangey Hues

Orange is so perfect for fall! By combining different orangey hues, you can make it this fall’s most wearable color. Orange shadow colors range from rusty copper to reddish brown, and will be a super fashionable trend this fall.

 Purplish Eyes

You might be thinking “Really? Purple?”, but it is true! Fall is all about the purple! Dark brownish purple, to be precise. Purple shadows and eyeliners with this radiant color are begging to be worn this fall! You can add this color to your cat eye look, or get a more laid back look with a dark purple hue on the creases of your eyes.

 Red Textured Lips

Who doesn’t love the classic red lip? This fall you will be seeing everything from matte to shine. A bright textured red lip is the go-to lip for this season! Line your lips with a darker red then fill with a brighter hue.chelsea crockett fall makeup trends

 Add Sparkle

Glitter eye shadows are in for this fall! Is there anything more fabulous? We all love to add some sparkle to our makeup routine. Sparkle and shine this fall fab look.


Now go rock these fab looks!

XOXO, Chels