Hey girls!  I know it’s hard to believe, but fall is only weeks away!  This means it’s almost time to ditch the shorts and tanks for jeans and jackets.  The trends this season are some of my favorites and I want to share them all with you!

            As I’ve mentioned in another one of my articles, studs are super trendy and fun for this season!  Chelsea Crockett - Studded OutfitAnything such as shoes, pants, shirts, and accessories always look better with a little shine!  People have gotten really creative and even tried studs on their nails and phone cases!

            Prints such as cheetah and snakeskin are yet another thing you’ll see throughout almost any fashion magazine.  Even patterns such as spots or stripes are hot in Hollywood.

           Chelsea Crockett - Two Toned Pants Like denim’s not enough, coated denim is a stylish and chic trend.  For those of you that are unsure of what coated denim is, it’s a pair of denim pants that almost have a light shimmer overcoat.  I love these pants because they can be dressed up and can add a little bit of shine to your outfit!   

            And lastly, two toned clothing is super stylish and highly fashionable.  These pants are extremely cute because you can make them your own by adding fun shoes and accessories!

            I hope you all are rocking these trends this upcoming fall!


           P.s. Check out a couple of these trends here:http://tiny.cc/StuddedClothing, http://tiny.cc/CoatedDenimPants