If you’ve checked out any beauty or fashion magazine or website recently, then you’ve noticed all the buzz on these new fancy facial cleansing brushes.  Clarisonic and Clinique have come out with purifying brushes to keep away acne and reveal glowing skin.  At around $100 per brush, some may be skeptical.  Let’s dig deeper to find out whether these brushes are worth having or a total rip-off.

Too often, fancy and expensive beauty products do not live up to their name.  Most of the time you can find a similar product for cheaper!  Unlike most, cleansing brushes have gained praise from dermatologists and customers alike!  These cleansing brushes are powered to move in a circular motion as you move it across your skin.  It is also equip with soft bristles so it doesn’t bother sensitive skin.  These brushes are proven to reduce acne, remove blackheads, and improve the overall look of your skin by increasing blood flow to the face.Chelsea Crockett- facial cleansing brush

Using a facial cleansing brush is easy!  Add a small amount of your normal face soap to the brush and gently move it across your skin in a circular motion.  Once you have finished using the brush, be sure to rinse and let it air dry so no mildew can form.  It’s also important to change your brush head every 3 months in order to ensure it is clean and bacteria free!

If you’re struggling with your skin, give one of these brushes a try.  I can ensure you won’t be disappointed!


Clarisonic Cleansing Brush: http://tiny.cc/ClarisonicBrush