Hey ladies!  For me, most of my summer includes traveling, lying out by the pool, and lounging around at home.  During these Chelsea Crockett - Seventeen Magazineactivities, you’ll be sure to find my favorite magazines right there with me.  My top two most preferred are Seventeen and Teen Vogue.

             Seventeen magazine is definitely where it’s at.  You can read all about fashion, beauty, celebs, and much more!  You can look at the latest fashion trends and the hottest summer accessories.  If you’re searching for fashion or beauty advice, be sure to check Seventeen first for the best of the best adviceWink.

            A long with Seventeen, Teen Vogue ranks high on my favorite magazine list.  It’s all about fashion, fashion, and more fashion which I absolutely adore!  You can look at photo shoots of the hottest celebrities and read about shoes, shorts, dresses, hair, and makeup, and that’s only the beginning!  You can even find a few do-it-yourself tutorials!

                   Make sure you check out Seventeen magazine and Teen Vogue. You don’t want to miss out!

                                                Love, Chels