Independence day is the best. There is food, family, and fireworks…what could be better! I am usually at family or friend’s parties on the Fourth of July, so I know I will have to be decked out in my best Independence july 4th nailsDay attire! Here are a few nail art ideas to top your patriotic ensemble off!

  1. Dots and stripes: This cute style layers white and red stripes on all the fingers except for the pointer finger. I think this is so classic and preppy! Plus, it looks really easy to do. Love it.


  1. Dots and stars: This style is similar to the one above, but here you are just placing white dots onto blue nails, and then topping off a white accent nail with a red star.


  1. Simple statement: I am all about keeping things simple. To me, less is best, so I usually just paint my nails a deep red. I love how sassy I feel when I have red nails. You could even simply paint your nails all solid navy or all solid white! Whichever patriotic color you are feelin’.


Happy Fourth to you!

XOXO, Chels