Hi Ladies,

Makeup isn’t always a good thing.  Yes, it may make you feel prettier or enhance your best features, but sometimes you have to let your skin breathe.  A girl who is confident in her own skin is prettier than any girl with a face full of makeup.  Natural is beautiful!Chelsea Crockett- quote

Not only is going natural a beautiful thing, but it’s good for you!  It’s important to let your skin breathe and unclog your pores.  If you are constantly wearing makeup, build-ups can occur in your pores causing acne.  Instead of healing or fixing blemishes, you are just covering them up.  How are they ever supposed to heal?!  Also, many products are full of chemicals that aren’t necessarily good for your skin.

One of the most beautiful things about not wearing makeup is showing off your natural beauty.  Sometimes too much makeup can cover up a girl’s true beauty.  When you don’t wear makeup, it shows how confident you are.  Try it sometime!  Going out in public without makeup can boost your self-esteem.  Remember, a smile is the best type of makeup a girl can wear.  Let everyone see the beautiful face God gave you!