Beauty hacks are every girl’s best friend. They can save us from even the slightest beauty mistakes and turn any mishap into a success.  You’d be surprised at all the tricks and tips there are in the beauty world!  In a few simple steps, you can learn multiple beauty hacks that will make your everyday routine easier and easier.Chelsea Crockett- lipstick on teeth

  • Do you love lipstick, but get nervous about getting it on your teeth? No problem! After applying your lipstick, stick your index finger in your mouth, wrap your lips around it, and slowly pull out your finger. This wipes the lipstick off from the inside out leaving it away from your teeth.
  • If you have an eye shadow that you love, but it’s too light or doesn’t stay on very well, try priming your eyelid with white eyeliner first. This creates a base for the eye shadow that makes it more vibrant and stays on longer!
  • Did you run out of your gel liner and are stuck with that gross pencil liner? Don’t worry! If you’ve got a lighter, then you’re in good shape. Just hold the tip of the pencil in the flame of the lighter for 15 seconds and let cool for another 15 seconds. The pencil will melt down and turn into a gel!

Next time you find yourself in a pickle, remember this quick and easy beauty hacks!