Girls have to go through a lot, I know, oily skin, shaving, and worst of all, frizzy hair.  No matter what I do, my hair has little flyaways that I have no control of that only get worse when I step outside.  Whether it’s when I wake up or go to sleep, my hair tends to be frizzy during all hours of the day!

            Now if you’re like me, you have a full head of hair.  My locks are super thick which makes it even harder to contain and take care of.  There are far too many serums Chelsea Crockett - Moroccan Oiland oils to try and find out which ones work and which don’t.  One secret most don’t know, is that towels actually contribute to the frizziness of your hair.  Instead of wrapping your hair in a towel after you shower, try wrapping it in an old t shirt and even try sleeping in it.  Although this is recommended more for girls with curly hair, any hair type will work as well.  Another secret is to take a very small amount of lotion and rub it on your hands.  After that, run them over your ends and see the magic happen.  But don’t take too much or your hair will look greasy, yuck! 

            Probably my favorite product to reduce this problem is Moroccan Oil.  Although it’s a little pricey, it’s definitely worth checking out.  It makes my hair feel extremely soft and gives it a shiny look.  I hope this helps you out!

                                                                      XO – Chelsea 

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