Gigi Hadid: an upcoming international supermodel that just so happens to be an inspiration to many girls around the globe! Not only is she gorgeous but she has an awesome personality… and an awesome fashion sense! Her makeup and hair are always spot on, so how does she do it? Gigi’s biggest beauty secrets are finally revealed!

  • Gigi always keeps a fresh face. She says she always goes for the natural look with a little bit of contour (like the picture below!). This way her skin looks flawless but not caked on with makeup, yet the contour allows her face to look like she still has a little makeup on.Chelsea Crockett - Gigi Hadid
  • The more Gigi washes her face or removes her makeup, the more her skin needs to be moisturized. She says to make sure you keep your skin hydrated. This allows your makeup to set better.
  • This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this genius beauty tip. Gigi said her mother always tells her to apply toothpaste when she gets a pimple. And it totally works!

Gigi is absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn’t think twice about following her beauty tricks :)!

XO – Chels