First off, congrats to all of my fellow 2016 graduates! WE DID IT! We made it all the way through 12 years of school. Wowza. Now that we have achieved that feat, it is time to think about graduation. Before you head off to the ceremony, we need to talk grad cap hair. If you are wanting a soft, summery style that complements your cap, check this tutorial out!

  1. Section the top half of your hair off and pin it out of the way.FullSizeRender (81)
  2. Curl the front sections of hair away from your face, then curl the remaining sections towards the front. Unpin the top section of your hair and repeat this process.
  3. Hairspray your hair all over. Don’t separate the curls out yet!
  4. Let the curls cool off, then gently finger comb them to separate them out.
  5. Fasten your cap onto your head using bobby pins and lightly mist it with hairspray one more time.

Easy peasy! Now go rock your grad ceremony! Take lots of pics for me!

XOXO, Chels