You really want to hit the gym, but remembered you have somewhere to be shortly after.  You’d only have 30 minutes to get ready; therefore you wouldn’t have enough time to wash your hair.  What do you do?!  Luckily, it is possible to have a cute hair style after hitting the gym and here’s how:

When you start to sweat, you scalp gets warm which creates a mold.  Because of this, there’s a large chance that your hair will stay the way you had it when you worked out.  It’s important to plan ahead!  If you want your hair wavy, then wear it in a French braid.  You could even start the braid at your bangs for an allover wavy look.    If you want your hair curly, then twist your hair into a top knot bun and secure it with bobby pins.  This way, you will avoid creases throughout your hair. Chelsea Crockett- french braid at the gym

Keeping your hair straight is a bigger challenge.  Wear your hair in a low pony tail using a fabric hair tie to avoid dents.  If you have bangs and want them to lay flat after your workout, pin them to the side using a bobby pin.  You can even part your bangs down the middle and secure them to each side.

Next time you think about skipping the gym because of an event, remember these simple hair tricks.  You have no excuses now!