Most people say there’s only one way to get the perfect manicure… going to an actual salon and paying the expensive price for your nails. FALSE! I’ve seen DIY manicures go totally wrong, and I understand it can be frustrating! So… here are a few hacks that help you save money and perfect a salon manicure at home :).

  • First comes first, how do you make your polish last longer? Even if your nails are already squeaky clean, go over them with some nail polish remover. This gets rid of any bacteria or dead skin that could prevent your polish from sticking for longer than a few days.Chelsea Crockett - DIY Dotting Tool
  • As far as decorating your nails goes, finding the perfect tool to make your designs isn’t always easy. All you need are some pencils (old or new!) and a few pins. Stick the pointy side far into the eraser and use the rounded side as a dotting tool!
  • There are a couple quick and easy ways to set your polish and hurry up the drying process. Pam’s cooking oil, believe it or not, is perfect for preventing smudges! After spraying them with that, dip your nails in ice cold water. This speeds up the polish’s hardening process tremendously.
  • Lastly, the way you apply your polish in coats is very important. It’s much better to apply small, thin coats instead of one thick coat. One thick coat will allow the top layer to dry much faster than the under layers and be more vulnerable to smudges!

Good luck insiders :)! – Chelsea