Girls, c’mon, your makeup bag is pretty dirty isn’t it??  It’s easy to toss your makeup around, especially when you’re in a rush.  I’ve even forgotten to put on the lid to my lipstick before tossing it into my bag!  Many of us don’t take the time or haven’t even looked at the mess in our makeup bag for months, or even years!  Luckily, it’s simple and only takes 10 minutes for a full tidy.  It’s time to clean up our makeup act. Chelsea Crockett- lipstick in the freezer

Start by emptying anything and everything out of your bag and turning it inside out.  Remove all the makeup from the inside the bag with a makeup wipe.  You’ll be surprised at how much makeup there is!  One of the biggest concerns with makeup is it getting infected with bacteria.  To disinfect lipstick, put it in the freezer overnight to kill bacteria.  Anything bad will freeze right off.  You can also wipe it with a disinfectant wipe.  In order to clean compact makeup, spray one spritz of rubbing alcohol directly on the powder.

Another problem I always have is getting rid of the extra mascara left on my eyelash curler.  Eventually, it starts to build up!  To get off all that unwanted mascara, use a lighter to melt the mascara and wipe it right off.  It’s so simple!  Take the time to clean out your makeup bag and disinfect your favorite products.