We’ve all heard those crazy myths about ways to make your hair shinier, grow longer, and how to get rid of those pesky split ends.   But how many of those myths that you read are actually true?  It’s time to find out what’s true and what’s false.

  • Wearing tight ponytails can make your hair fall out or break. TRUE. Strands may break off as a result of your hair being pulled tight or held too tightly with aChelsea Crockett- tight ponytail band. To decrease your chances, do not sleep with your hair up or wear it in a ponytail every day.
  • Cold water makes your hair shinier. FALSE. Your hair does not contain living cells; therefore it cannot react to certain water temperatures.
  • Using the same shampoo repeatedly will cause it to stop working. FALSE. Since it can be hard to find a shampoo that works for your hair type and texture, once you’ve found the one that works, then why change it?! Try a new shampoo for the sake of it will most likely not benefit your hair.
  • Always use a wide-tooth comb for wet hair. TRUE. Using this type of comb will reduce breakage after you get out of the shower. Since wet hair tends to have more tangles, a wide-toothed comb will keep your hair from breaking.

Your hair is very important and knowing what’s best for it is even better!