Many girls don’t think about the best way to attack hair removal, they just want the hair gone and off their body! Nowadays, with the technology we have, there are hundreds of products that guarantee hair loss and smooth skin. But do these products compete with shaving or waxing? Here are a few pros and cons for all of the above!

  1. Shaving. Shaving is obviously the cheapest and easiest way to remove hair. You can do it yourself in almost no time at all! It’s pain free, although you may accidentally nick your leg. The only negative to shaving is the stubbles that form only a day or so after use (and the occasional cut to the knee). Shaving is most recommended for the legs and underarms. Never shave any parts of your face such as the upper lip, eyebrows, or chin.
  2. Waxing. Waxing can be done anywhere on your body. Along with that positive, waxing takes all the hair off and leaves your skin feeling extremely smooth. Chelsea Crockett - WaxingThe pain is usually pretty high if you don’t wax often, so going straight to waxing your legs isn’t the best idea. I suggest simply waxing your eyebrows or upper lips. Although it costs more than shaving, it definitely takes care of the job.
  3. Laser Hair Removal. This one can be tricky. Laser hair removal costs a lot more than waxing or shaving and works best on dark haired people. It is not as painful as waxing, but is still painful nonetheless. This definitely would not be my first suggestion especially since us teens are still so young! Although there are many cons, this type of removal takes care of the hair and keeps it away for longer amounts of time.

Let me know what you use below!