Hair drama might just be the worst drama. That one piece of hair that just. Wont. Curl? Yeah. Drama! Don’t let bad hair days get you down and make you want to chop your hair off with the first pair of scissors you can find! And it may seem like there are just no good ways to style your hair without using hot tools or pesky hair ties that you can never seem to locate. Good news, there are!

  1. Pretty braids: Any kind of braid is a good way to style your hair without heat! This one obviously uses a hair tie, but it doesn’t need heat! If your hair is rebelling and poking out in every way possible when you wake up in the morning, tie it into a halo braid or into fishtail or French braids! The braid options are endless.f7d7f48662a12d93a4bf1121aa0d547d
  2. Top Knotted: This one doesn’t require a hair tie if you are skilled in the art of tying your hair in a knot, but if you have yet to master that, use a hair tie. Gather your misbehaving locks together and twist it from the base like you are twisting it into a bun, then pull the tail end through the middle of the bun with a firm tug.
  3. Dramatic side-part: While your hair is still damp, make a deep side part and shape your hair up and over the top as it dries. Tuck your hair behind your hear to help it dry in this shape. This texturized look is effortless and messy, which is totally in!

Also try no-heat curling methods for heatless waves the next day! All of the styles mentioned take barely any time and can be done without heat and minimal hair ties! Simple hair = happy life.

XOXO, Chels