Many of us are guilty of spending hundreds of dollars on hair styling products. Brands such as Chi can charge over a hundred dollars for a single straightener… Yikes! There are hundreds of different brands that offer the same types of products, but do they work just as well? Or is it worth the splurge?Chelsea Crockett - Hair Styling Tools I’m here to answer your questions!

Don’t get me wrong, the brand Chi offers amazing hair products. Their prices may be high, but their quality is worth it. They’re long-lasting and work really well on all different types of hair. That being said, there are many other brands that have the same effect as the higher quality products. When you’re shopping for a new straightener or curler, it’s hard to know which product you’re getting the best deal on based off the box or price. I suggest reading up on reviews and ratings before buying! They’re usually pretty accurate and can save you time and money!

As for styling products such as gels and oils, the same rules can be applied. One product that comes to mind is Moroccan Oil which can be pretty pricey. Argon oil from Target works almost just as well and is much more reasonably priced! You have to read up on different reviews of products to see if they’re worth the money!

XOXO – Chels