Sometimes you try something new with your hair and end up loving it.  Other times, taking a risk with your hair can be something you regret!  Depending on the person, they can love or hate their bangs.  Or maybe they simply get tired of them!  I know they can take a while to grow out, so here are a few hairstyles for hiding your bangs!

When it comes to bangs, braids can be your best friend.  There are so many different styles of braids that will help hide your bangs and are also super stylish! Chelsea Crockett - Braid Top Knot If you want to keep it simple, French braiding your bangs and bobby pinning them on the side of your head is an easy solution.  One of my favorite looks is the braided topknot like the picture on the left.  As long as you can master the look, it turns out super cute!

If you haven’t invested in any accessories, then you should start!  Hats and headbands are perfect for hiding bangs (and for fixing a bad hair day!).  Purchase a few that you can switch up with different outfits and you’re good to go!

Another quick way to style your bangs is by drying your hair a certain way.  Training your part to go the opposite way can be hard, but by doing this you can master the flipped hairstyle.  This will allow your bangs to blend with your hair better along with using some product to seal the deal.

If you’re regretting getting bangs, then I hope this helps!

XOXO – Chels