Humidity is the absolute worse.  Your hair can go from straight to curly or curly to flat as soon as you step outside!  Even your makeup can’t beat the heat and ends up sweating off before no time!  If your hair is notorious for frizzing up when humidity Chelsea Crockett - Double Braidsstrikes, try some of these hairstyles to rock no matter what the temperature is!

First rule is to conceal as much of your hair as possible.  Wearing a simple ponytail will still leave room for it to frizz up!  My go-to hairstyle is French braids or a fishtail braid.  Since the double braids are back in style, I rock them all the time!  If you can’t do French braids on yourself, try learning how to fishtail.  It’s super easy, and with a little practice you can master the look yourself!  (P.S. this is a good hairstyle if you have a lot of layers. Chelsea Crockett - Braided Bun It takes little pieces at a time so it stops them from sticking out like they might in normal braids!)

If you need a little extra help containing the frizz, don’t be afraid to utilize accessories!  Things like headbands and hats are made for rescuing you from hair emergencies!  Apart from accessorizing, buns are good for this too.  I have yet to try this style for myself, but braided headbands followed by a bun like the picture on the right are super cute!

Which is your go-to hairstyle?  Let me know insiders! 🙂

XOXO – Chels