Hey girls!  We all know how much I love trying out new hairstyles and what’s a better time than summer?  Whether you wear it up or down, there’s always a cute and stylish way to show off those beautiful locks!

            One of the first looks I go to is the messy or high bun.  They’re easy to throw up and work with any outfit.  One of the best things about a bun is that it’s okay for them to look messyWink.  Just throw it up and wear it how you want!

            Another one of my on-the-go styles is a side braid.  Along with being super easy, you can make it your own by doing the many different styles there are.  Fishtailing and French braiding are just a couple ideas on how to make your braid fun and unique!

            Chelsea Crockett - Beach WavesLast but definitely not least, are beach waves.  I absolutely love this look because it gives off the summer feel and adds the beachy look to your sun kissed tan.  At almost any beauty salon you can find a spray to help give you that ocean air vibe.

            These are just a few summer styles for you to try out this season! Hope this helps!

                                                            Locks of love! – Chels