When the summer humidity takes over, it can be next to impossible to tame your frizzy locks!  It’s such a bummer to spend the time curling or straightening your hair only for it to get ruined!  I’ve got a few great hairstyles that won’t look bad when hit with a little humidity.  It’s time to get familiar with your new favorite summer dos!Chelsea Crockett- humid hair

  • The top knot is the ultimate humidity fighting hair style! It’s meant to look messy, so as pieces start to come out or frizz, it’ll look like it was supposed to be that way!  Try it half-up or all the way up for a cool summer look!
  • A pony tail is always a safe bet when trying to beat humidity, but can often be boring. Spice up the traditional look by loosely braiding one side of your hair and combining it with the other side for a half-braided pony! You can also do this with a low bun!
  • If you want to wear your hair completely down, opt for curls! First apply Moroccan oil to keep your hair smooth before drying and curling it.  Last, apply a humidity fighting hairspray.  Your hair will most likely fall throughout the day, so curl your hair tight for it to last longer.  By the end of the day you should have loose beach waves.
  • A loose side braid is always great for outdoor weather! Try a fishtail or traditional braid to one side and then pull certain pieces to spread out the braid.

Don’t let the summer humidity keep you for embracing your beautiful hair!