Hi everyone!

            It’s officially fall and we all know what that means!  Spooky costumes and creepy get-ups are a necessity for trick-or-treating or Halloween parties.  Since I am a beauty guru, I’m going to show you a few looks you can pull off using makeup this holiday.

            First off, I recently put up a video showing how I transformed my little brother into a zombie.  For a tutorial on the look, go to my YouTube channel and watch the video entitled “Zombie Makeup Tutorial!”  This makeup is perfect for any boy, or girl, that wants to have a scaretastic costumeJ.

            Another fun idea for some of my younger fans is a scarecrow.  For this look, all you need is some black eyeliner, orange face paint, and red lipstick.  To start the process, take your eyeliner and draw a line extending from the corners or your lips to the bottom of your ears.  Then draw a triangle on the tip of your nose.  Throughout the lines, make dash marks to give the effect of stitching that any scarecrow should have.  Fill in the triangle on your nose with orange face paint.  While using the face paint, make two circles on the centers of your cheeks.  Lastly, take your eyeliner and draw squiggly lines coming fromChelsea Crockett – Fairy beneath your eyes almost like sun rays.  Finish it off with your red lipstick and you’re complete!

            Chelsea Crockett - FairyFor my girly-girls out there, a fairy look is just right for a Halloween get-up!  To pull this off, create your own kind of swirls coming from your eyes.  If you’re confused, check out the example to the left.  Make sure you use a lot of glitter and rhinestones.  Nothing says fairy more than a bunch of sparkle! 

            I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!

                                                           Happy Halloween! -Chels