If you are in a relationship of have ever been in one, you know that they are a lot of work. Happy couples have a few easy methods that help them, well, stay happy! These little tidbits of advice are things that I have learned and what my friends have learned through the wonderful world of dating.

  1. Smile when you see them: It feels amazing to walk into the room and immediately see your crush’s face light up. It makes you feel so special! Even if you aren’t particularly thrilled to see your man friend, at least act happy to see them! This will set a happy mood for the two of you.happy-couple-valentines-day
  2. Randomly text them: A lot of us are busy throughout the day, so texting someone constantly just isn’t an option. But, a cute random text every once in a while can really brighten their day and them appreciate you so much.
  3. Share your day with them: Every day, take a few minutes to share your days with each other. Tell them your concerns, your goals, your hopes and your frustrations! It will really strengthen your relationship.
  4. Tell them thanks: For everything! Did they hold the door for you? Thank them. Cook you dinner? Thank them. Help you out with homework? Thank them.
  5. Complement the socks off of them: A little complement can go a long way! You know when your guy tells you he likes the way you are wearing your hair, and it makes you smile from ear to ear because you feel valued and treasured? He needs the same feeling from you! By building each other up, you are creating a happy environment!

There are so many more ways to make your relationship a happy one, you just have to be willing to work at it!

XOXO, Chels