Are you choosing an apple over a cookie day after day? Or maybe you set your mind to getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night no matter what? These are both beauty habits that are beneficial to your health, skin, hair, teeth, etc. Here are a few more that most likely aren’t in your daily routine but definitely should be!

  • Cleanse before you go to bed. This prevents buildup of dirt or other bacteria on your skin. It also helps your pores from getting clogged or breaking out!Chelsea Crockett - Cleaning Brushes
  • Clean your makeup tools and brushes. This helps clean off any of the bacteria that may be growing on them. Especially after you share your tools/brushes with someone else, washing them is not too bad of an idea.  Simply wash them gently with shampoo like the girl on the right.
  • Hopefully drinking lots of water is already in your daily routine (If not, it should be! Water solves everything from acne to teeth whitening!). If you ever put lemon in your water, you’re actually doing a lot more than you realize! Lemons have a bountiful amount of vitamins and nutrients. Your skin will thank you!
  • Focus on the good. You’ve heard this a million times: stop stressing! Stress can be the reason behind acne and breakouts. It’s 100x healthier to just sit back and relax.

What beauty habits do you practice daily? What’s your secret? Let me know below :)!