When it comes to blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons, I can guarantee that every one of us have used at least one of those beauty tools before!  After we get out of the shower, before we go to school, and for lots of other occasions we usually apply heat to our hair in a number of different ways.  That being said, here is a quick guide on how to protect our hair from too much heat exposure!

Chelsea Crockett - Hair StraightenerHair Straightener:  If your hair is pretty sensitive to heat, pick a straightener that lets you pick your heat setting.  Most will allow you to turn the heat up or down in case it’s too hot or not hot enough.  If your hair is thin, I suggest lowering the heat to prevent your hair from getting burnt or damaged.  If you have thick hair, don’t be afraid to boost it up in order to achieve the sleek look you’re going for!

Curling Iron/Wand: There are a few things to consider when picking your perfect curler.  Decide if you want a simple 1-inch wand or a 2-inch curling iron that has a clamp.  Make sure you pick one that allows you to adjust your heat setting instead of relying on the amount of time you spend holding your hair to the tool or under the clamp.  This can cause the most damage without you realizing it! 

Blow Dryer:  Most blow dryers will have a setting to adjust the speed and temperature of the air.  With this heated beauty tool, there isn’t much to consider since you’ll have to get the job done one way or another!

Do you have any other tips you think I should know?  Let me know below!

XO – Chels