Hi Girls,

            Have you ever looked through magazines and seen models or your favorite celebrities with glowing radiant skin?  It looks beautiful!  Now how exactly do they get that glowing, sparkling skin?  Highlighter is the key!! It’s the secret to amazing looking skin.

            High lighter is something not usually found in most girls’ makeup bags.  It’s a step that most of us skip…a very important step that most of us skip.  Waking up early in the morning for classes can cause dull skin and dark under eyes.  Using high lighter is a quick way to make yourself look more awake.  Don’t mistake high lighter as concealer.  Instead, lightly dab the highlighter Chelsea Crockett- benefit luminizerunder your eyes and on your brow line, on top of your cover up.  This will brighten your eyes creating the appearance of beingChelsea Crockett- highlighter more awake.  Another great place to use high lighter is on your cheek bones.  This creates the illusion of radiant skin.  Buy a stick concealer that you can easily roll onto your cheek bones and rub in.  Your skin will be glowing!  Check out a few of the products below to start getting glowing skin.