We all know how much I love the “boho” trend. I love the loose, flowey clothing and free-spiritedness of it all. I figured that since I am always giving you style tips on how to rock the boho trend, I should probably give you a hair suggestion to go with it! Here I what I like to call “hippy briads”, which I think go just grand with the boho style.

  1. For this style you will be wearing your hair down, so brush it out and put some loose curls in it. Take some sea tres3salt spray and mist it over your hair, scrunching it and working it through your hair to give it some texture and body.
  2. Take a section of hair from your “good side” aka the side you part your hair on, and do a simple braid about 2 inches from the front of your hair line. So, not at the front of your hair, a little further back on your head.
  3. Take the section of hair in front of your braid, so the hair at the front of your face, and an equal portion of hair from the other side of your head and pin the sections to the back of your head. You should have a “half up half down” sort of look goin on right now.
  4. Now take those sections that you pinned back to the back of your head and braid them together and secure with a clear elastic. You should now have one braid to the side of your hair and one going down the back.

This look is effortless, adorable, and so boho! Do you love it? Comment below!

XOXO, Chels